SAP Hybris Installation and Deployment Architecture - [Part1]

All references in this post are based on Hybris version 6.6

Hybris datahub server

Datahub is nothing but the web application(datahub-webapp-x.x.x.x-RCx.war), which can be deployed on Tomcat as the normal web application. You don't require to install whole Hybris suite to set up datahub.

Solr server

By default, Solr server is installed/configured with Hybris suite, which will autostart and stopped with the Hybris platform.
If you want to install standalone Solr server on the different sandbox, which can be managed individually then you need to configure below properties on your Hybris platform (server) file.
The most important attributes you should consider when updating the Solr server configuration are:
  • Mode: set it to standalone.
  • Endpoint URLs: should contain a single master URL with the the following value: http://localhost:8983/solr.
check detail wiki document to install and configure a standalone Solr server in a way that can be used in SAP Hybris Commerce.

Hybris Application server (Storefront server)

You can install Hybris suite, with your set of extensions(localextensions.xml). Configure your endpoints for your DataHub & Solr & DB server in the
To restrict backoffice access on your application server
  • Configure your upstream server(web or load balancer) to pass backoffice request to different Hybris setup(admin server), not to storefront server(Recommended).
  • You can remove platform/admin related extensions from your storefront Hybris setup, localextensions.xml file. (Not recommended).

Hybris Application server for backend (backoffice)

Installation is same as storefront node. As mentioned above (with help of Apache /load balancer) you can restrict any storefront or internet request on this server. Only admin can access it through the intranet.
You can refer SAP Hybris deployment architecture

Refer part 2 for Centralized logging and Advanced Application Monitoring.

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