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SAP Hybris Installation and Deployment Architecture - [Part2]

If you not gone through Part1 , then please read it first. Centralized logging Hybris OOTB there is  centralized_logging  recipes, which can be used if you have  Docker  base setup. Anyway, you can set up your own  ELK Stack  (Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana), which is a good combination as Log Management Solution (Open Source). You can use Redis for the large enterprise solution to decouple the Log Server & Log Shipper. Tools: Logstash: As a log shipper and a log indexer Redis: As a broker – used as a queuing system ElasticSearch: As a log indexer – store and index logs Kibana: As a front-end viewer – a nice UI with useful extra features Install & configured  above stack to get consolidated logs from all application servers. Advanced Application Monitoring SAP Hybris Commerce Advanced Application Monitoring is a tool for analyzing network traffic within the Hybris system. Advanced Application Monitoring is vital for administrating and monitoring the he

SAP Hybris deployment architecture

Do you know how to set up each standalone server(Solr, Datahub, App, Admin)? Refer to   this post , which points you to right wiki link for detail steps

SAP Hybris Installation and Deployment Architecture - [Part1]

All references in this post are based on Hybris version 6.6 Hybris datahub server Datahub is nothing but the web application( datahub-webapp-x.x.x.x-RCx.war ), which can be deployed on Tomcat as the normal web application. You don't require to install whole Hybris suite to set up datahub. steps, you set up the basic prerequisites for installing Data Hub steps help you install Data Hub for use with the Hello World tutorial. Solr server By default, Solr server is installed/configured with Hybris suite, which will autostart and stopped with the Hybris platform. If you want to install standalone Solr server on the different sandbox, which can be managed individually then you need to configure below properties on your Hybris platform (server) file. solrserver.instances.default.autostart=true solrserver.instances.default.mode=standalone solrserver.instances.default.hostname=localhost solrserver.instances.default.port=8983