How to Install temporary Hybris license?

LICENSE VERIFICATION HAS FAILED! Your demo/develop license has expired, it is valid only for 30 days. How to install temp SAP Hybris license? Don't worry, you can install a temporary license. To install a temporary license 1) Remove  from the license folder \hybris\config\licence 2) Go to the Platform directory and run the  ./ -temp CPS_SQL  or  license.bat -temp CPS_SQL . If you are using DB other than HSQL you can choose the right command based on your DB.   Windows run  license.bat  instead of  ./ OOTB HSQL DB ./ -temp CPS_SQL MySQL DB ./ -temp CPS_MYS Oracle DB ./ -temp CPS_ORA SQL Server DB ./ -temp CPS_MSS SAP Hana DB ./ -temp CPS_HDB Once you install using the above command, You will get a message like First temporary license key installed. 3) Verify your license by running  ./ -show , which will give you System, Hardwar

[Resolved] Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL

Error "Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL". This is because you are not telling Hybris which site you want to access. Let's first see all the possible solutions and then will go into other details. There are three ways to let Hybris know about the site you are trying to access 1. Pass the CMSSite ID as a request parameter Simply pass your siteID as a request parameter(?site=SiteID) in your first request which helps the Hybris to understand which site you are trying to access. Let's say I'm trying to access the powertools site then URL would be  https://localhost:9002/yacceleratorstorefront?site=powertools 2. Access site using  http://<siteID>.local:9001/ Access site with siteID as DNS name. You can make host with  <siteID>.local . Let's say I want to access a powertools (It's CMSSite id for powertools), then add an entry like powertools.local  in your host file and then access your site using http:/

Hybris backoffice customization

Scenario: I want to hide Time Created and other fields from Title item type create wizard. Solution: Since, Title type doesn't have create-wizard component declared, So generic Item type create-wizard will be picked. To declare it in running system Open backoffice with admin user. Open Application Orchestrator by pressing F4 key. Click on Hybris symbol  Y  (Top right corner) and select  show cockpit-config.xml Scroll down to last line in XML(ctr+end) Past the below XML code just before tag Click on store and save the file Press F4 again to close the Application Orchestrator Test your changes XML <context type="Title" component="create-wizard" module="platformbackoffice"> <wz:flow xmlns:wz="" xmlns:advanced-search="" xmlns:df=""

Hybris enumtype static Vs dynamic

In Hybris, we can declare two type of enum, Static and Dynamic. Which basically differ by dynamic attribute (dynamic="false" and dynamic="true"). In simple words, I can say static enum( dynamic="false" ) is generated as the Java enum. In which list of values can only be changed during compilation time by changing the items.xml. In case of the dynamic enum( dynamic="true" ) we can change(add/remove) its values at runtime using hmc or Impex. Regardless of an Enum type(Static/Dynamic), all its values get stored in  enumerationvalues  table. You can fetch all values using below flexible query. select * from { enumerationvalue } Static Enum: <enumtype code="FixedValueType" autocreate="true" generate="true"> <value code="value1"/> <value code="value2"/> </enumtype> By default, the dynamic attribute is false(dynamic="false"). You