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[Resolved] Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL

Error "Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL". This is because you are not telling Hybris which site you want to access. Let's first see all the possible solutions and then will go into other details. There are three ways to let Hybris know about the site you are trying to access 1. Pass the CMSSite ID as a request parameter Simply pass your siteID as a request parameter(?site=SiteID) in your first request which helps the Hybris to understand which site you are trying to access. Let's say I'm trying to access the powertools site then URL would be  https://localhost:9002/yacceleratorstorefront?site=powertools 2. Access site using  http://<siteID>.local:9001/ Access site with siteID as DNS name. You can make host with  <siteID>.local . Let's say I want to access a powertools (It's CMSSite id for powertools), then add an entry like powertools.local  in your host file and then access your site using http:/