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What is default username and password for Hybris solr?

In Hybris, all authentication and authorization configuration is stored in the security.json file. A sample security.json file is provided which contains the following users: below are the default usernames and passwords for Solr User Password Description solradmin admin123 admin user can perform any operation solrserver server123 for communication between server nodes solrclient client123 can perform search queries Read more about Solr Security

[Resolved] Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL

Error "Cannot find CMSSite associated with current URL". This is because you are not telling Hybris which site you want to access. Let's first see all the possible solutions and then will go into other details. There are three ways to let Hybris know about the site you are trying to access 1. Pass the CMSSite ID as a request parameter Simply pass your siteID as a request parameter(?site=SiteID) in your first request which helps the Hybris to understand which site you are trying to access. Let's say I'm trying to access the powertools site then URL would be  https://localhost:9002/yacceleratorstorefront?site=powertools 2. Access site using  http://<siteID>.local:9001/ Access site with siteID as DNS name. You can make host with  <siteID>.local . Let's say I want to access a powertools (It's CMSSite id for powertools), then add an entry like powertools.local  in your host file and then access your site using http:/

How to Integrate Google Enhanced Ecommerce with Hybris

How to implement Universal Analytics (UA) Enhanced Ecommerce features using Google Tag Manager on a Hybris? We already have successfully implemented Enhanced E-commerce (Integrating Google Analytics) for many of Hybris sites. This will be paid service.

Hybris flexible search query examples

Use of Enum in the query Find all running Solr Index jobs select {cj.code},{enum:code},{cj.startTime},{cj.endTime} from { SolrIndexerCronJob! as cj join EnumerationValue as enum on {cj.status}={} } where {enum:code} = 'RUNNING' Compare Date in the flexiblesearch query Find all running Solr Index jobs from the given date select {cj.code},{enum:code},{cj.startTime},{cj.endTime} from { SolrIndexerCronJob! as cj join EnumerationValue as enum on {cj.status}={} } where {enum:code} = 'RUNNING' and {cj.startTime} >= TO_DATE('2021/12/25','YYYY/MM/DD') Basic  JOIN  and  IN  query Get the most recent order for each customer using flexible search. select {o.code} as orderCode, {} as name, {a.cellphone} as cellphone from {order as o join Customer as c on {} = {o.user} join Address as a on {o.deliveryaddress} = {} } where {o.code} in ({{select max({cod