How to add you custom class in HAC logging list?


Hybris use log4j2 logger. We can change the log level for preconfigured classes from the HAC > Platform > Loggin (like root, org.springframework etc.). But what if we want to configure logger for our custom class.


  • Add logger statement in your java class
  • add log4j2 configuration for your custom Java class
  • Restart the Hybris server

private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(MyService.class);

LOG.debug("I am debug log");
\#log4j2 configuration

log4j2.rootLogger.level = warn = com.extended.service.impl.MyService
log4j2.logger.myService.level = warn
log4j2.logger.myService.appenderRef.stdout.ref = STDOUT = com.extended.service.impl.CustomService
log4j2.logger.customService.level = warn
log4j2.logger.customService.appenderRef.stdout.ref = STDOUT

Do you know this also can be done without restarting Hybris server?
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