How to setup user account on linux systems for Hybris?

Why you should avoid running applications as root

I've often come across posts on forums or other websites where you see people joking in such a manner about running/logging in as root as if it's something awful and everyone ought to know about it. However, there isn't much that a search reveals on the matter.
It may be widely known to Linux experts, but I really don't know why. I remember always running as root when I first tried Linux years ago (Redhat and Mandrake) and don't remember running into any problems because of that.
There are actually some distros that have a bright red background with alert signs all over it as wallpaper for the root user (SuSe?). I still use the "Administrator" account for regular use on my Windows installation and haven't ever run into any problems there either. [source]

How to create a User Account on Linux systems for Hybris Setup?

  1. Open a shell prompt.
  2. If you are not logged in as root, type the command su - and enter the root password.
  3. Type useradd followed by a space and the username for the new account you are creating at the command line (for example, useradd jsmith). Press [Enter]. Often, usernames are variations on the user's name, such as jsmith for John Smith. User account names can be anything from the user's name, initials, or birthplace to something more creative.
  4. Type passwd followed by a space and the username again (for example, passwd jsmith).
  5. At the New password: prompt enter a password for the new user and press [Enter].
  6. At the Retype new password: prompt, enter the same password to confirm your selection.

Give sudo permission to newly created user

  • Log in to the system as the root user or switch to root account.
    su -
  • Run the visudo to edit the /etc/sudoers file.
  • Find the lines in the file that grant sudo access to users in the group wheel when enabled.
    # %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL
  • Add below line there to allow sudo privelidge to Hybris user
    hybris ALL=(ALL) ALL
  • Test that the updated configuration allows the user you created to run commands using sudo.
    su hybris - (switch to hybris user account)
    sudo whoami (test sudo access to hybris user)

Prepare Hybris Application Installation

  • Create app folder under opt
    sudo mkdir /opt/app
  • Change apps folder owner to hybris so we do not require sudo command to run the suite
    chown -R hybris:hybris /opt/app/
  • Unzip Hybris suite
    unzip /your/downloaded/path/to/HYBRIS_SUITE.ZIP -d /opt/app/
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