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How to Install temporary Hybris license?

LICENSE VERIFICATION HAS FAILED!? Your demo/develop license has expired, it is valid only for 30 days.? How to install temp SAP Hybris license? When you download & Install SAP Hybris Commerce suite, By default it ships with the 30 days initial demo license.   There are three types of licenses: an initial , temporary license (valid for 90 days), an extension license (valid for a further 90 days), and a permanent commercial license. So if your demo license has expired still you have a chance to extend it by installing  the temporary license. But once that also expires you have to re-initialize your system. So better you get the  developer license  to continue your work without re-initialize. To install a temporary license 1) Add the systemID in your 2) Go to Platform directory and run the  ./  with temp parameter like below. Choose the right command based on your DB. Run  license.bat  instead of  ./  if y