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[yjavac] 1. ERROR cannot be resolved to a type in Hybris?

Extensions can have dependencies on one another. While working with Hybris you come across a scenario, where you want to import a class from the different extension. The build only works if the required extension is available. Ensure the below steps to works it smoothly. Dependencies to Non-Platform(not located in /platform/ext) ExtensionThe required extension should be there in localextensions.xmlAdd the required extension in extensioninfo.xml (e.g <requires-extension name="hmc"/>) of the dependent extension In your eclipse(IDE), add required extension in build path of the dependent extension to resolve IDE dependecy. Note: Adding required extension in IDE build path won't resolve extension dependency of your platform. It only resolved by extensioninfo.xml Rebuild the system (ant clean all) Dependencies to Platform Extension By default, all extensions have the dependency on Platform extension(located at /platform/ext). Therefore, you do not required to specify