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[yjavac] 1. ERROR cannot be resolved to a type in Hybris?

Extensions can have dependencies on one another. While working with Hybris you come across a scenario, where you want to import a class from the different extension. The build only works if the required extension is available. Ensure the below steps to works it smoothly. Dependencies to Non-Platform(not located in  /platform/ext ) Extension The required extension should be there in  localextensions.xml Add the required extension in  extensioninfo.xml  (e.g  <requires-extension name="hmc"/> ) of the dependent extension In your eclipse(IDE), add required extension in  build path  of the dependent extension to resolve IDE dependecy. Note:  Adding required extension in IDE build path won't resolve extension dependency of your platform. It only resolved by  extensioninfo.xml Rebuild the system ( ant clean all ) Dependencies to Platform Extension By default, all extensions have the dependency on Platform extension(located at  /platform/ext ). There