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How to enable Remember me functionality in SAP Hybris?

Requirement:  While login, the user should have the option ( remember me checkbox ). If the user has selected checkbox, he/she should not ask to login again till remember me cookie expired. Hybris OOTB behaviour:  In the B2B site, there no remembers me checkbox, by default internally it's always selected. Means, soft login will work for all users. But Hybris also has a concept, Hard Login which matches secure  GUID  stored in session and cookie for all secured URL having the @RequireHardLogIn annotation. Changes Required: Remove default remember me (soft login) behaviour Add remember me checkbox in the login page Change Hard login behaviour, to regenerate  GUID  if auto-login perform for the current request. 1. Remove default remember me (soft login) behaviour Find file spring-security-config.xml located in your storefront extension. Look for bean defaultRememberMeServices definition, in which attribute alwaysRemember has value true , that needs to be changed to