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How to change fromEmail Address of an email in Hybris?

If you want to reset or change from emailAddress for Hybris email, you can do that using Impex.
You need to find emailPage for your email. then you can set or change fromEmail and fromName like below. # Email Pages UPDATE EmailPage ; $contentCV[unique=true] ; uid[unique=true] ; fromEmail[lang=$lang] ; fromName[lang=$lang] ; ; CustomerRegistrationEmail ; "" ; "Customer Services Team" ; ; DeliverySentEmail ; "" ; "Customer Support Team" ; ; ForgottenPasswordEmail ; "" ; "Customer Services Team"

How to support multiple toAddress CC BCC and attachments in hybris email?

Scenario We want to send email to multiple addresses, also want to support the email attachments. Unfortunately, it's not there in OOTB. Solution We have to define our custom attributes in BusinessProcess itemType to stores the values and access it in the later process. Also, we have to override generate method of DefaultEmailGenerationService, as it is responsible to generate EmailMessageModel. We will set attachments and other fields to generated emailMessageModel only. Let's see it step by step.

1) Define custom attribute in BusinessProcessModel To do so, you have to define attributes like below in your *-items.xml file. Now build your server(ant clean all), which will generate BusinessProcessModel with our custom attributes, which can be accessed using setter and getter methods.