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Hybris enumtype static Vs dynamic

In Hybris, we can declare two type of enum, Static and Dynamic. Which basically differ by dynamic attribute (dynamic="false" and dynamic="true"). In simple words, I can say static enum(dynamic="false") is generated as the Java enum. In which list of values can only be changed during compilation time by changing the items.xml. In case of the dynamic enum(dynamic="true") we can change(add/remove) its values at runtime using hmc or Impex.

Regardless of an Enum type(Static/Dynamic), all its values get stored in enumerationvalues table. You can fetch all values using below flexible query.

select * from {enumerationvalue}
Static Enum: <enumtype code="FixedValueType" autocreate="true" generate="true"> <value code="value1"/> <value code="value2"/> </enumtype> By default, the dynamic attribute is false(dynamic="false"). You can declare static enum …