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How to disable soft login in Hybris?

How to disable remember-me login in SAP Hybris? Requirement:  Every time request timeout, the user should ask for login. There shouldn't be soft login or remember me option. Hybris OOTB behavior:  In the B2B site, by default soft login is enabled. Means, users will be always auto login even session expired. Changes Required: Remove default remember me (soft login) behaviour Remove remember me references 1. Remove default remember me (soft login) behaviour Find file spring-security-config.xml  located in your storefront extension. Look for bean defaultRememberMeServices  definition, in which attribute alwaysRemember  has value true , that needs to be changed to  false . <alias name="defaultRememberMeServices" alias="rememberMeServices"/> <bean id="defaultRememberMeServices" class="" > <property name="userDetailsService" ref="or