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How to Install temporary Hybris license?

Your demo/develop license has expired, it is valid only for 30 days.?
How to install temp SAP Hybris license?

When you download & Install SAP Hybris Commerce suite, By default it ships with the 30 days demo license. Yes, there is an option to extend the license to 90days by installing the temporary license. But you have to re-initialize your system once it expires. So better you get the developer license to continue your work without re-initialize. To install a temporary license 1) Add the systemID in your 2) Go to Platform directory and run the ./ with temp parameter like below. Choose the right command based on your DB. Run license.bat instead of ./ if you are using windows based system. OOTB HSQL DB ./ -temp CPS_SQL MySQL DB ./ -temp CPS_MYS Oracle DB