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How to add script tag or source code in hybris WCMS component ?

Requirement : To enable google structure data for Organization and WebSite search I want to add the script (application/ld+json) on Hybris homepage using WCMS component.
Problem: I have chosen the paragraph component and added it to the one of available WCMS slot. But not able to add a script in the editor, as XSS filter remove script while saving to DB.
Workaround: Disable XSS filter for while using xss.filter.enable= false (from hac), save the script (editor > select source > past your script) and then agian enable the xss filter.

Structure data application/ld+json:
<script type='application/ld+json'>  {   "@context": "",   "@type": "Organization",   "name": "MyCompnay USA, Inc.",   "url": "",     "logo": "",   "description": "Established in 1990…