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Hybris flexible search query examples

Scenario1:  Basic  JOIN  and  IN  query syntax Get the most recent order for each customer using flexible search. select {o.code} as orderCode, {} as name, {a.cellphone} as cellphone from {order as o join Customer as c on {} = {o.user} join Address as a on {o.deliveryaddress} = {} } where {o.code} in ({{select max({code}) from {order} group by {user}}}) Note: This query is not optimized one. This is just the reference to the temporary table join syntax select t1.orderCode,, t1.cellphone from ({{ select {o.code} as orderCode, {} as name,{a.cellphone} as cellphone from {order as o join Customer as c on {} = {o.user} join Address as a on {o.deliveryaddress} = {}} }}) as t1 Join ({{ select max({code}) as orderCode, {user} as user from {order} group by {user} }}) as t2 on t1.orderCode = t2.orderCode Scenario2:  Temporary table  and join between them Fetch all regist

How to configure MySQL Connector in SAP Hybris ?

Hybris OOTB shipped with  HSQL DB,  If you want to configure  MySQL  as Hybris DB then follow the below steps and you go!! Download  MySql connector  ( .jar ), as it is not shipped with Hybris OOTB suite Copy downloaded connector ( .jar ) file to  ${HYBRIS_BIN_DIR}/platform/lib/dbdriver directory Add below  properties  to your  file db.url=jdbc:mysql://hostname:port/dbName?useConfigs=maxPerformance&characterEncoding=utf8&useSSL=false db.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver db.username=root db.password=password Initialize the system ( ant initialize )