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How to add or update Sort by Options in the Hybris?

Case1: Update/remove existing Sort by option

If you are looking for update/remove existing Sort by option then you can do it by simply through hmc/backoffice/impex.
Go to back-office SolrIndexedType and open your Indexed typeGo to Solr Sorts tab: Here you can see the list of Sort By option which you can update/delete
Case2: Add a custom Sort by option without custom sort logic
In case if you want to add new custom Sort by option without any custom sorting logic then you can do it without changing any code. Let's assume I want a new sort by option based on isPromotedProduct (boolean) of the Product type. Just follow the below steps... 1) Define SolrIndexedPropertyYou need to have SolrIndexedProperty for your attribute and you need to do Solr indexing to reflect its value in the Solr server. Here, I am assuming you know this part very well or you may already have SolrIndexedProperty defined.INSERT_UPDATE SolrIndexedProperty ; solrIndexedType(identifier)[unique=true] ; name[unique=true] …