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How to Install temporary Hybris license?

LICENSE VERIFICATION HAS FAILED! Your demo/develop license has expired, it is valid only for 30 days. How to install temp SAP Hybris license? Don't worry, you can install a temporary license. To install a temporary license 1) Remove  from the license folder \hybris\config\licence 2) Go to the Platform directory and run the  ./ -temp CPS_SQL  or  license.bat -temp CPS_SQL . If you are using DB other than HSQL you can choose the right command based on your DB.   Windows run  license.bat  instead of  ./ OOTB HSQL DB ./ -temp CPS_SQL MySQL DB ./ -temp CPS_MYS Oracle DB ./ -temp CPS_ORA SQL Server DB ./ -temp CPS_MSS SAP Hana DB ./ -temp CPS_HDB Once you install using the above command, You will get a message like First temporary license key installed. 3) Verify your license by running  ./ -show , which will give you System, Hardwar