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In Hybris how to add or update OOTB Sort by Options?

If you want to add or update existing Sort Option from the category or product listing page then you can just remove/update that value from sort list of SolrIndexedType (using hmc/backoffice/impex). In this post, you can see what are all related ItemTypes for SortBy options changes. Define SolrIndexedPropertyINSERT_UPDATE SolrIndexedProperty ; solrIndexedType(identifier)[unique=true] ; name[unique=true] ; type(code) ; sortableType(code) ; currency[default=false] ; localized[default=false] ; multiValue[default=false] ; useForSpellchecking[default=false] ; useForAutocomplete[default=false] ; fieldValueProvider ; ftsPhraseQuery[default=false] ; ftsPhraseQueryBoost ; ftsQuery[default=false] ; ftsQueryBoost ; ftsFuzzyQuery[default=false] ; ftsFuzzyQueryBoost ; ftsWildcardQuery[default=false] ; ftsWildcardQueryType(code)[default=POSTFIX] ; ftsWildcardQueryBoost ; ftsWildcardQueryMinTermLength ; $solrIndexedType …